Document analysis takes far too long; do I have to re-upload the file?

The time of processing your document can be determined after you upload your file on plagiarism detector, delaying process depends upon different factors, i.e., length of your document, speed of your internet connection. You can assume that our plagiarism checker will generate your report between 1 to 10 minutes. It may be possible that due to high server load in peak hours of working your document may not be processed on time; we truly apologize in advance for this kind of inconvenience. Our best plagiarism checker is made to facilitate all of the occupational groups such as students, teachers, supervisors and professional writers.

If the time of processor upload takes too long, so be patient as it takes 1 to 10 minutes to complete the uploading and generating the result, if you feel that anti-plagiarism software is taking too much time, reload the website and try to re-upload your file. If you face the problem, again and again, try to visit our website at a later time. Our online plagiarism checker is designed to give you accurate results with plagiarism percentage and detail of sources from where data has been copied. Our plagiarism tool helps you to write accurately and professionally without using data that is already written and available on all famous websites, books, and other data basis.

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