What kind of reports can I receive with your plagiarism software?

You can assess your plagiarism report openly in the web browser or download them in .pdf file format. Mainly valuable is the Word .docx report, where plagiarism detections are marked directly within the Microsoft Word document. Our free plagiarism checker for teachers and students considered to be super-fast and accurate to search for plagiarized stuff. On efficacious request, you will get a comprehensive response regarding phrases and website URLs that perfectly matched with your content.

Any request you transmit on our server is completely secure. Also, any content utilized to check the paper for plagiarism via our tool is not saved in our database. You can utilize our system without any hazard of stealing your text.

Integration of our anti-plagiarism software is easy. There isn’t any need to install any extension; all you need to do is to send a request by typing in the web browser, and you will get an instant response. This rapid response will aid you to understand results easily, and you can utilize it on any platform.

Our online plagiarism software helps you to check for any content. If you are managing a business, you do not have to log in on other sites to scan for plagiarism each time. Our tool is highly interactive and usable for universities and colleges where teachers and students check plagiarism on a regular basis.

Our plagiarism checker percentage tool is 100% protected to prevent your data. Thus do not need to anxious about the privacy of your content. Finding plagiarism through our incredible tool is super-fast, and you will get instant results. A comprehensive response will be transmitted in case our system received any request. Our plagiarism tool is accessible for all; if you are not a user, please visit our website to check for our up-to-the-minute plagiarism scanner explains real plagiarism definition and how to get rid of it.

Our tool is specially designed for all users; So that every individual can check their posts for identical content prior they make it live. Our plagiarism detector is designed in such a manner that it displays you real-time results and it is swift.