What does the percentage rate indicate in your plagiarism checker?

The rate of the percentage that displays on your plagiarism report indicates how much of your content has been plagiarized. For instance, if your percentage rate is 100%, that indicates the content we analyzed shows that each and everything has been copied.

As there is no compromise regarding the similarity percentage which can be considered as fair, therefore acceptable, where and how to draw a line to reject or accept a file suffering from a particular percentage rate of plagiarism while checked against online sources with our state-of-the-art plagiarism detector tool.

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We have developed this best plagiarism checker under such a manner that individuals can comprehend results of checked text without any complexity. You will get results of content in a real time. You can also create reports for your analyzed text.

You can inspect up to 5 .txt, .docx, doc, or .pdf files in one time. Analyzing multiple documents for plagiarism will not reduce the speed of checking. You can contrast files to check for plagiarized content between them. Our best free plagiarism checker delivers all kinds of solutions for checking plagiarized stuff. If your website is installed in WordPress, you can scan with our anti-plagiarism software. Hence, you can also utilize widget option to add our plagiarism tool in your system.

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